What happens to my feedback?

  • In this section you will view the consolidated feedback from SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit surveys.
  • Based on your feedback, the cockpit development team reviews customers feedback and uses it to plan future improvements. 
  • Please keep sending us feedback, we love to hear from our customers!

Customer Feedback



Customer ImprovementDevelopment Team AnalysisPlanned Action
FebruaryReport Indicator FeedbackAdd the ability to order services in Enterprise Support Reporting Cockpit.Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. In the Services Section there is a link that leads our Users to  Available Services, here  it explains how to create an incident or how to contact the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory team.No changes required.
JanuaryReport Indicator FeedbackImprove Content of Incidents and Performance.Thank you for your feedback! We are always looking at ways to improve the ESRC. For the Content issue please elaborate further on what content you would like to see in ESRC. Regarding Performance we are already looking at how to improve our performance and hope to have an update in the future.Please create a ticket to describe the issue in detail regarding content, we can then follow up.
OctoberOverall User Feedback

Improve Content of the cockpit by 1. Showing Login times.

2.Optimizing SAP ByD Licences.

3.Transactions and Volume Reports.

Thank you for your feedback! Please go to the Cloud Usage section and drill down to see ByD usages statistics.
Please contact your SAP Support Advisor with your requirements and they can contact the Enterprise Support  Reporting Cockpit Team.
SeptemberReport Indicator FeedbackThere is no way to download the graph, the function is not workingThank you for your feedback, we checked this in our production system and were able to download the chart without any issues for multiple LoBs.  As this appears to be a specific issue we will need to check further please create a ticket  SAP ONE Support Launchpad using component SV-SCS-ESRPlease create a ticket and describe the issue in detail. We can then follow up.
SeptemberReport Indicator FeedbackCloud System AvailabilityWe love to hear from our Customers and feedback is greatly appreciated,  We are sorry that the availability statistic did not meet your expectations. We need more information to understand why you are not satisfied with the availability section and how we can improve here, please create a ticket  SAP ONE Support Launchpad using component SV-SCS-ESRPlease create a ticket to describe the issue in detail, we can then follow up.
SeptemberOverall User FeedbackCustomer is missing SCP information.Thank you very much for your feedback! You helped us to find a gap in the authorization concept which caused the problem in SCP system display. We requested that this will be corrected. A correction should be delivered with the next Wave 7Delivered in Wave 7 (October 2020).
SeptemberReport Indicator FeedbackInclude Blackline dataBlackline is a third party product and we are focusing first on the integration of SAP products into the cockpit.  This will be included once we have integrated SAP products, presently we do not have a timeline for this.No changes required.
AugustOverall User FeedbackCustomer needs an option to schedule an automatically created report every month (including updated figures)Thank you for your feedback.  You do not need to schedule any regular reports as the data is being updated automatically. You can simply print the PDF file with all adjustments according to your variant at any time you need it.Investigations on how to improve the print template has been triggered. 
AugustReport Indicator FeedbackThe C4C licence report does not help me stay compliant with my licence obligations. It does not differentiate between licence types nor does it give me a dialogue report to understand at a granular level how my licences are tracking.In Process 
AugustOverall User FeedbackWhen will on-premise content be available in the SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit?We are working on the integration of the on-premise content in collaboration with the German SAP customers user group. We are planning to offer the new content for customers by the end of 2020/2021.On-premise implementation is ongoing - planned for 2021