SAP Solution Manager for SAP HANA

In most cases, SAP HANA is not used as stand-alone data mart but integrated with other business applications. For example, your SAP ERP system might call SAP HANA Accelerators to accelerate core business processes. Or complete applications like SAP BW reside on SAP HANA.

It is not enough to just administer SAP HANA as a database. You have to make sure that it is integrated with your existing IT solution. And the applications deployed on SAP HANA have to be managed as well.

But you do not need to worry. SAP Solution Manager supports SAP HANA! You can manage the in-memory database with the proven capabilities of SAP Solution Manager. This means you will leverage existing skills of your IT department instead of learning everything new. And you will achieve a holistic approach for building and running your entire solution.