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Solution Transformation Consultant Training

This learning journey is a combination of recorded content for pre-learning and ALM Summit EMEA 2023 onsite sessions. After you complete the learning on Oct. 13th, challenge yourself with the final test to earn the SAP Solution Transformation Consultant badge!

All the learning content and the required summit sessions are categorized:

  • Mandatory

You are required to go through all the mandatory recorded content and participate in the mandatory sessions onsite.

  • Alternative

Some of the content is marked as "alternative", which means there is both pre-recorded content as well as Summit sessions available for the topic with quite similar content. You can watch the recording in advance so that you can save the time to explore other topics during the Summit or take the Summit sessions onsite and benefit from face-to-face interactions with specific topic owners. It is all up to you.

  • “Recommended”

Recommended pre-learning content and Summit sessions which are not mandatory for passing the test but can be beneficial if you would like to have further understandings of the corresponding topics. Go and explore them if you have time. 


Disclaimer: This new learning opportunity is only relevant for the on-site participants of the SAP ALM Summit EMEA 2023 currently.

Step 1 (now ~ October 8, 2023)
Self-study with the pre-learning content

Get an overview of the transformation suite, Learn about our vision how to manage SAP business transformations based on an integrated approach.

  • Please go to SAP ALM Summit EMEA for the onsite session!

Understand the vision of transformation suite related tenant lifecycle

  • Please go to ALM Summit EMEA for the onsite session!

Learn the how-to of onboarding procedure of transformation suite tenants: SAP Cloud ALM, Tricentis Test Automation for SAP, etc.

  • (Mandatory): Video Guided Setup of SAP Cloud ALM: video (video)
  • (Recommended): Help portal: Requesting SAP Cloud ALM (link)
  • (Recommended): Help portal: Onboarding to SAP Cloud ALM (link)

Get an overview what SAP Cloud ALM for implementation is about and how the end-to-end flow works

  • (Mandatory): ALM SUMMIT: SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation - Overview and Roadmap (video)
  • (Mandatory): End to End Implementation Process (Link)

Module Breakdown - Deep-dive for Project and Task Management

  • (Mandatory): Run your projects successfully with SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation (video)

Module Breakdown - Deep-dive for Solution Documentation Management

  • (Alternative): ALM Community Call Recordings: Solution Documentation overview (video)

Module Breakdown - Deep-dive for Requirement and Process Management

  • (Mandatory): Manage your processes and run fit-2-standard workshops using SAP Cloud ALM (video)

Module Breakdown - Deep-dive for Change and Deploy Management

  • (Alternative): Change and Deployment Overview (video)

Module Breakdown - Deep-dive for Test Management

  • Please go to ALM Summit EMEA for the onsite session!

Module Breakdown - Deep dive for Traceability and Analytics in SAP Cloud ALM for implementation

  • (Alternative): ALM Summit: Benefit from analytics in SAP Cloud ALM - from overview to traceability (video)

Discover the integration between SAP Cloud ALM and Tricentis Test Automation for SAP. Experience how seamlessly the power of test automation from Tricentis fits into a business transformation toolchain powered by SAP Cloud ALM

  • (Mandatory): Blogpost: Tricentis Test Automation for SAP integrated with SAP Cloud ALM is now available (blog)
  • (Mandatory): Make Use of Tricentis Test Automation with SAP Cloud ALM (video)

Get an overview of SAP Cloud ALM for operation

  • (Mandatory): ALM Summit: SAP Cloud ALM For Operation - Overview and Roadmap (video)

Step 2 (October 10 - 12)
Participate in the onsite sessions at SAP ALM Summit EMEA 2023

October 10, 2023

10:00Keynote & PlenaryEnergize Your ALM Transformation! (Mandatory)
11:45Keynote & PlenaryImplement and Operate your SAP solutions with the Power of SAP Cloud ALM (Mandatory)

October 11, 2023

09:45Business TransformationSAP's Transformation Suite Approach - Overview (Mandatory)
11:00SAP Cloud ALM for ImplementationUnlock the potential of CI/CD and DevOps with SAP Cloud ALM (Recommended)
12:00DemoSAP Cloud ALM for Operations Walk-through (Recommended)
14:15SAP Cloud ALM for ImplementationLeverage Tricentis Test Automation for SAP integrated with SAP Cloud ALM (recommended)
14:15Business TransformationEffectively Document your Solution with SAP Cloud ALM (Alternative)
15:15SAP Cloud ALM for ImplementationUnlock the potential of Test Orchestration and Planning with SAP Cloud ALM (Mandatory)
16:30SAP Cloud ALM for ImplementationPlan and execute post upgrade and regression testing (Recommended)
18:15DemoDemo: End-to-End Implementation of SAP Business Network with SAP Cloud ALM (Recommended)

October 12, 2023

09:00SAP Cloud ALM for ImplementationKeeping track of your S/4HANA Cloud changes with SAP Cloud ALM (Alternative)
10:00SAP Cloud ALM for ImplementationMaking data driven decisions through Analytics in an E2E Implementation (Alternative)
14:45SAP Cloud ALM for ImplementationSupport your hybrid scenarios with SAP Cloud ALM Deployment Management (Alternative)
15:45DemoDemo: How Change Management with SAP Cloud ALM can facilitate the creation of no code / low code Apps (Recommended)

Step 3 (October 13, 2023)
Take the test at the SAP ALM Summit EMEA 2023

Bring your own laptop on October13 to the test rooms (check the Event App for the location).