Business Process Monitoring KPIs

In the below list you can find all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are offered by Business Process Monitoring in SAP Cloud ALM out of the box.

Following products are supported for Business Process Monitoring:

  • S/4HANA Cloud, essentials edition (ES)

Lead to Cash

  • Sales Document Item Creation to Invoice Creation
  • Sales Documents Created
  • Sales Document Items Created
  • Sales Documents with Delivery Block
  • Sales Documents with Credit Block
  • Sales Orders Open and Overdue for Delivery
  • Open Sales Orders
  • Incomplete Sales Documents
  • Sales Documents with Billing Block
  • Sales Document Items Overdue for Billing
  • Outbound Deliveries Overdue for Goods Issue
  • Outbound Deliveries Created
  • Deliveries Overdue for Billing
  • Deliveries Overdue for Picking
  • Throughput of Outbound Goods Movements
  • Sales Invoices Not Posted to Accounting
  • Overdue Open Items in Accounts Receivable (Customer Items)
  • Sales Invoice Line Items Created
  • Sales Invoices Posted
  • Financial Postings
  • Financial Line Items Posted
  • Open Items in General Ledger Accounts (FI-GL)

Source to Pay

  • Purchase Order Items Created
  • Open and Overdue Purchase Requisition Items
  • Purchase Requisition Items Created
  • Purchase Orders Created
  • Open and Overdue Purchase Order Items
  • Blocked Purchase Order Items
  • Throughput of Inbound Goods Movements
  • Inbound Deliveries Created
  • Inbound Deliveries Overdue for Goods Receipt
  • Supplier Invoice Items Blocked for Payment
  • Supplier Invoices Created
  • Payment Runs per Day
  • Overdue Open Vendor Items in Accounts Payable

Design to Operate

  • Production Orders Overdue for Final Confirmation
  • Production Orders Overdue for Delivery Completion
  • Production Orders Overdue for (Technical) Closure
  • Process Orders Overdue for Release
  • Process Orders Overdue for Final Confirmation
  • Process Orders Overdue for Delivery Completion
  • Process Orders Overdue for (Technical) Closure
  • Production Orders Overdue for Release
  • Planned Orders with Opening Date in the Past
  • Failed Goods Movements During Production Order Confirmation
  • Failed Goods Movements During Process Order Confirmation
  • Process Orders Created
  • Production Orders Created
  • Plant Maintenance Orders or Customer Service Orders Created