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Change Documentation and Recording

SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation provides an option to document your software or configuration changes and to record the changed objects within a Feature. This is a crucial part of your change enablement since it helps you to stay on top of your adjustments to production systems hence ensuring stable and reliable daily operations.

Changes can be documented in the "Description" section. You can use the built-in rich-text editor describe your changes. Utilizing the toolbar provides options to use different styles to emphasize parts of the change documentation accordingly. It is possible to attach images to finalize a concise documentation.

An essential part of your change documentation is recording the changes accordingly. The feature in SAP Cloud ALM offers you an option to assign transports as containers of your software and configuration changes. You can assign modifiable or released transports to the feature.

  • The feature must be in Edit mode to assign transports.

  • Select the corresponding transports in the Assign Transports dialog and save the assignment afterwards.

You can simply un-assign transports from a feature. This can be useful in order to re-assign transports to a related feature with dependent change objects.

  • Un-assigning transports from a feature is available in Edit mode. Hit the save button to confirm the un-assign.

  • After the un-assign operation only one transport is assigned to the feature.