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A high level summary of feature status is available on overview page in 'Features' card. 


Here you will find in the vertical bar chart, how many features are 'Not Planned' or have status 'In Specification', 'In Realization', 'Ready for deployment' and 'Deployed'. 



You can also get a summary of features by its priority by selecting 'Priority' in the drop down menu. 

Feature Traceability is a detailed analytical page which can be accessed through analytics overview.



Feature traceability helps you to analyze the readiness of your features based on the progress of its related objects like user stories, project tasks and assigned transports. 

(Note: transport status per feature will be added shortly)


The matrix displays a list of the main entity 'Features' , in the next columns its status, requirement title and status from which the feature was created. You can click on the requirement to view details.

It shows the numbers with status of the  user stories and projected tasks that are created from or assigned to each listed feature.


There are extended filters for related objects like user story, project tasks. With help of these extended filters you can find out anomalies for example: Which features have no user stories assigned yet. 

Select 'Not Assigned' in the requirement filter to get the list.

CA_19.21_Feature traceab.jpg


Release managers can review the readiness of features for an upcoming release by selecting a release in the filter. Then by selecting 'All in Done' status for Projects tasks and user story extended filters, they can identify if all the related tasks were completed.