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Release and Deployment Management

This page offers an overview of all Change & Deploy management capabilities in SAP Cloud ALM. The section “Best Practices” gives guidance on how these functionalities should be used as part of a project and lists important blogs and videos on this topic.

Change and Deployment Management describes a multi-step process that involves planning, executing releases, monitoring progress, and managing deployment tasks. SAP Cloud ALM facilitates change enablement by integrating various deployment tools, enabling the orchestration of transport requests throughout the implementation landscape. It allows Deployment and Release planning features to help users stay updated on go-live activities and ensure seamless software and configuration changes. Additional features, such as deployment of transports and traceability reports, help users stay on track of changes. The final step in feature delivery is deployment confirmation in the production system, and once all features related to a requirement are confirmed, the requirement is considered complete. 

For basic “How-To” instructions on how to use the tool, you should refer to the in-app help within SAP Cloud ALM or visit the -> Help Portal (link)

Functions & Features

Release and Deployment Features

FunctionsFeaturesFeature Description
Feature OverviewList of Features with filter optionsYou can use search and various filter to get the right feature 
Feature OverviewCreate FeaturesYou can create new features directly in the Features app or in the Process app
Feature OverviewMass Deploy to ProductionChoose all the features you want to deploy at once with the checkboxes for the respective features and choose the Deploy to Production button to deploy all selected features at once.
Feature OverviewExport list of FeaturesYou can export and download all columns, rows and description of the features list to Excel
Manage FeaturesEdit Feature attributes and descriptionYou can edit the feature attribute and description by selecting respective feature and edit button
Manage FeaturesFeature status switchYou can switches the feature status In Specification. (From Not Planned, In Specification, In Implementation, In Testing, Ready for Production to Deployed)
Manage FeaturesAssign TagsYou can now assign tags to a features
Manage FeaturesAssign requirements You can assign or unassign requirements with the release timeline to the feature  
Manage FeaturesCreate related user stories or project tasksYou can create several user stories or project tasks for a feature
Manage FeaturesCreate and assign transportsTo create a transport in a managed system through the Features app, click the Create button and choose Transport
Manage FeaturesUnassign transportsYou can unassign transports from a feature and reassign to another feature
Manage FeaturesRelease transportsAfter assigning transports to a feature, you can import the assigned transports if they are in status Released
Manage FeaturesDeploy FeaturesYou can deploy all transports of a feature that are in status Released
Manage FeaturesFeature HistoryYou can see the changes of the feature, and the project members who have been involved in this feature

Cloud Automation Service

FunctionsFeaturesFeature Description
Execute CIAS scenarioStart CIAS WorkflowThe Cloud Integration Automation service (CIAS) provides you with a guided workflow to integrate SAP cloud solutions to on-premise and other SAP cloud solutions. The guided workflow contains instructions for manual and automated tasks to enable an easy and quick integration configuration setup.

Cloud Transport Management

FunctionsFeaturesFeature Description
Maintain Transport LandscapeCreate Transport NodesYou create your transport nodes but you need the Transport Management Operator role to perform this action
Create Transport RoutesYou create your transport routes but you need the Transport Management Operator role to perform this action
Transport LogsCheck Transport Logs You can access log information about your transports but You need the Transport Management Viewer role to access the log information

Best Practices

How-To Videos

Links to VideosRelease Date
How to Setup a Release and Deployment Plan in SAP Cloud ALMDecember 02, 2022                                                                                                                        
How to use System Groups in SAP Cloud ALMNovember 21, 2022                                  
ALM SUMMIT Recording: Keep control with Change management for SAP BTP and ABAP-based applicationsMarch 03, 2023                                                                     

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