Job Monitoring

The job monitoring application in Focused Run helps to monitor standard ABAP jobs. Job monitoring is the real-time observation of the jobs along with several metrics such as cancellation, duration and start delay.


  • Summarization of jobs in different systems based on the configured metrics
  • Use forward navigation to analyze the runtime information of the jobs
  • Get more information on the identification of the configured job
  • Navigate to the Alert Inbox and scenario related alerts.

Release Notes

  • Focused Run 2.0 FP01 – New Application.


  1. Monitoring of standard jobs of type – ABAP
  2. Auto-Identification of jobs
  3. Grouping of jobs from different customer networks
  4. Setting of metrics and thresholds at the group level
  5. List view for monitoring of jobs
  6. Integration with alerting and notifications


  • System Monitoring Setup of the Technical Systems
  • Simple System configuration is completed for the customer network
  • Managed System ST-PI version must be at least on 7.40 SP11 / ST-PI 2008_1_700 SAPKITLRDU  


  • Allows you to bring together related jobs in groups.
  • Add the customer networks and systems that are applicable for monitoring
  • Define the metrics and thresholds at the group level. Note with FRUN 2.0 FP01, only group level defaulting of metrics and thresholds is possible.
  • Activation and Deactivation of the jobs based on the group default settings.